Kraftech to show the most accurate and precise machines at AMW, running up to 1G acceleration and 24,000mm per min travel speed.

Plasma beamlines, profile cutting machines, robotic welding systems, Eagle Lasers: at Kraftech they do it all. Their automation technology experts have the experience and expertise to tackle even the most challenging automation applications. They can tailor their equipment specifically to customer’s requests yet keeping it standardised for versatility. Kraftech want to create the most effective solutions so that their customers can maximise their productivity. Kraftech offers full support and training for all systems to make sure that customers are not only up and running fast but utilising the equipment to its potential. All Kraftech’s equipment is backed by in-house servicing and supply of cutting consumables and spare parts.

The X-calibre robotic plasma coping robot provides you with a single machine that can process all your structural steel profiles. It can process up to 1200 I-beams, 200×200 angle, 380PFC, 400 SHS, with a piercing capacity up to 60mm. The robot cutting path is generated by a specialised offline programming and nesting software that accepts 3D models in DSTV-NC or Step formats to minimise the chances of error handling.  State-of-the-art non-contact laser sensing is used to compensate for mill tolerance deviations and beam location which improves reliability and durability as there are no moving wear parts. The X-Calibre is designed in accordance with Australian safety standards, making it one of the safest beamline machines globally. The robust design and focus on efficiency and safety ensures you achieve high-quality cutting results while maintaining a safe working environment.

The Kraftech3000 is Kraftech’s precision profile cutting machine. It is one of the most accurate and precise machines on the market, running up to 1G acceleration and 24000 mm/min travel speed. It can be configured with plasma and/or oxy, fully customisable gantry width, travel length, and nesting software. The Kraftech3000 is delivered standard with automatic initial height sensing, plate alignment function and arc voltage height sensing. Kraftech offers a full range of plasma options to pierce up to 60mm mild steel and up to 300mm for oxy fuel.

Kraftech’s high-quality robotic welding systems are pre-configured to be ready for full offline programming so that you spend less time programming and more time welding. Their welding equipment can also be customised with optional laser touch sensing and seam tracking as well as tool changer allowing you to cut and weld with the same robot. Our in-house robot calibration ensures maximum accuracy.

In addition, Kraftech is also the only Australian distributor of Eagle Lasers- the fastest laser cutting machine on the market. The latest Eagle 30kW iNspire fibre laser cutting machine with the new eVa cutting head has incomparable acceleration of 6G, it obtains a maximum positioning speed of 350 m/min and cutting speed of 150 m/min whilst maintaining accuracy and high cutting quality. The Eagle 30kW fibre laser can cut up to 100mm thick stainless steel making it one of the fastest and most accurate laser cutting machines on the market.

Being Australian owned and operated, Kraftech aims to provide the latest innovative technologies to maximise your productivity and efficiency. All components, servicing and training are provided by Kraftech so you can focus on what you do best.


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