Getting the workshop in order with BAC systems.

Cleaning up your workshop is the ultimate “rainy-day” job; however, with the La Niña about to end, some may be hurrying to fit an eleventh-hour workshop upgrade in before the El Niño hot, sunny weather is upon us, hopefully with increases in productive work. Investing in an improved workshop benching and storage solution may be a critical step to be taken towards an increase in productivity and ongoing prosperity, but, ‘how to approach this’ should be a question one asks.

For most, prosperity does not simply fall into one’s lap, but is the process of sound investment, patient planning and attention to detail. When you take this approach, you will eventually reach a point where you need to address some key questions in your production zones:

  • How do I cut-down on innocent time wasting in production;
  • How do I customise an environment to suit the tasks we are performing
  • How do I prevent mistakes in part picking and ID
  • How do I protect my components from dust and UV light.

At BAC Systems, an Australian manufacturer of an industrial workshop furniture range that is currently in use in all seven continents, we offer our customers special design assistance to help them address these four points.

Most time wasted in the workshop is not malicious, but is, in fact, a result of poor workshop layout. A poorly considered layout will result in excessive traveling, stock-shuffling, a high handling: production ratio, constrained production space, and even miserable working conditions. The focal point of your workshop should be the point of production, and this is most often found on a workbench or, at least, closely associated with one. At BAC Systems, we ensure that the workbenches we incorporate into any planned workshop layout are designed with consideration given to the available space, the way you wish to work and the items you wish to store in the space. We ensure that you have enough storage included without including too much, and we try to get the balance between bench space and standing/sitting moving space – this is different for each workplace, of course.

When it comes to workshop storage, whether it be tools, parts, or consumables, plain shelving will only result in wasted space, too much walking, and parts being damaged/dirty/lost. Shelves are fantastic for boxed items and larger items, and the space requirements of shelves are a necessary allowance in these instances; however, for small to medium items, loose items and sensitive items, drawer storage has to be the storage solution at the top of your list. With drawer storage, you have an adjustable solution that adapts easily to changes in your inventory, protects items from dust and UV, offers a unique location for each type, uses far less floorspace, compresses more parts closer to their point of use, and has no ongoing power/maintenance to account for. Drawers are the most reliable high-density storage all-rounder and are flexible enough to be incorporated into racking, production benches, counters, trolleys, or even just as free-standing storage. This modularity makes them flexible and suitable for most environments.

Working out how to best take these elements to create a workshop layout is best achieved by combining your knowledge of what you are doing with our knowledge of what is available to be used. To this end, BAC Systems offers a complimentary site survey service whereby a technical rep comes to the site to measure up, survey inventories, and interview workers and foremen to ensure that layout proposals will achieve the desired results. If you buy an imported product out of an industrial catalogue, you will never come close to this type of custom-purpose solution. It is a combination of this particular planning service, combined with the fact that BAC Drawers and Benches last for decades, that makes BAC Systems the popular choice for Australian workshops