Autowell of Taiwan has a wide range of high-quality, match-ground machine vices to suit the workholding needs of general machining, CNC machining and production workshops.

Where high clamping force is needed, the ALQ Series Power Vice with its patented Mechanical Boost System is an ideal choice. Unlike traditional hydraulic vices, the Autowell mechanical boost system is fully protected against the ingress of dust, chips or coolant, eliminating the need to maintain or replace hydraulic seals.

Another feature of the ALQ Series is the patented Force Adjustable System, this system allows the operator to choose from four preset clamping forces to suit differing components or materials needing higher or lower clamping pressure. Once the clamping force has been set, it will remain set and repeat, preventing damage to components from excessive pressure.

In addition to a wide opening the ALQ also has an outer jaw design which increases the capacity even further by allowing workpieces to be clamp over the top of the standard jaws. Extended lifetime of the vice is assured as it is manufactured from rigid and tensile ductile iron with flame-hardened slide surfaces and carburised, heat-treated jaws to HRC54. The ALQ is suitable for use on vertical or horizontal machining centres on the machine bed, tombstones or other fixtures.

For use on manual milling machines or CNC machines, the ATW Series has proven to be popular because of the wide openings it offers: 226mm on the Model 689; and 265mm on the larger Model 810. As with many of the Autowell machine vices, the ATW features the Wellock Anti Lift Mechanism to prevent deflection and lift.

The jaw plate positions can be changed, offering four different clamping positions, and the bearing system is sealed to minimise damage from swarf and coolant. With a high manufacturing tolerance of 0.01mm, multiple vices can be used for fixturing long or large-area components.

To increase efficiency and productivity of CNC machining centres, Autowell offers the TLD Series Double Station. This vice can be used for clamping two workpieces of the same size or dissimilar sizes, plus the centre jaw can be removed to allow clamping of a single, large-size workpiece.

The added advantage of being able to reposition the jaw plates allows for six different clamping configurations, and if required the standard jaws can be quickly removed and replaced with custom soft jaws. An added feature of the TLD Series is Pressure Equalisation, which ensures the same clamping force is applied to both components at the same time, even if they are differing shapes or sizes. To further reduce cycle times, once set, the moveable jaw will return to the same position when unloading and reloading parts.

All Autowell machine vices are manufactured to a high tolerance and match-ground. Whether they have just been purchased or for years to come, they will remain suitable for multiple workpiece clamping applications.