Bucher Municipal is one of the five core divisions of the global industrial group Bucher Industries, and is today recognised as the leading provider of equipment to the Australian waste industry.

The company boasts an impressive product range including side, rear- and front-loading refuse machines as well as compact/truck-mounted road sweepers, vacuum tankers, and stationary and transportable compactors. Every Bucher machine is application-engineered, manufactured in Victoria, and supported by a passionate after-sales support team that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Jason Tisbury is the Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager at Bucher. His role entails looking after all of the quality systems, as well as managing a team of quality inspectors and quality officers to maintain Bucher’s quality practices on a day-to-day basis. In 2013, when Tisbury started at Bucher, one of the first things he noticed was the company didn’t have defined or properly controlled processes for undertaking a quality inspection.

The Quality Assurance team would go to the completed vehicle, they would have a pen and a piece of paper and they would go through the truck, taking photographs of any faults they found. They would then write those faults down on the piece of paper, hand it over to a team leader or production manager, who would fix the fault and tick it off the piece of paper. Once a vehicle left Bucher, they had no real record of the faults found and fixed, and to show the unit had been thoroughly tested. These pieces of paper were then handed over to an employee, who would spend time uploading the information into a spreadsheet.

“It was second-hand information, it was a long process, and it was obviously prone to human error,” says Tisbury. “Bucher Municipal started dreaming about having one platform, which would cover the quote stage right through to handing the keys over to the same client.”

Tisbury worked with eBMS, the creators of Nimblex Software, to implement a fully automated software solution. Once Nimblex was approached, it was only a matter of three months before Bucher was live with its QA solution. One of the team members is always saying to Tisbury: “It just does everything.”

Tisbury is also adamant that “We haven’t found a single part of our business that it can’t help us with.”

Bucher has moved away from relying on spreadsheet registers, paper forms and old database technology by embracing Nimblex. After recent discussions with Tisbury about how Nimblex can help businesses with ISO accreditation, he shared the following quote from Bucher’s recent 9001 upgrade audit to the new standard: “The single biggest improvement you’ve made as an organisation in the last 12 months is the implementation and functionality of your Nimblex system to manage your Quality Management System, records and production processes.”

Since 2010, Nimblex has been helping businesses with the implementation of management software that is more efficient, cost-effective and less complex. Nimblex configures the software without the need for writing code, long lead times and big budgets, to fit around any organisation’s way of working. Companies including Bucher Municipal, Twinings, Jayco, Orora and Nexans Olex trust Nimblex to digitise their processes and workflows.