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Space technology micro-courses

What is happening in the Space industry?

The space sector is one of the most exciting and inspiring industries today. Australian businesses can now enjoy unprecedented Australian Government support to disrupt their industries and foray into the space sector. The space industry is forecast to triple in size over the next 10 years, and is proving to be an industry that is stable and resistant to economic downturns. (Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability (March 2018), Report from the Expert reference Group)

How can you get involved?

The Australian Government made a call for organisations to leapfrog into areas of future competitive advantage such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics to space systems and derived information, next-generation communications to enable broadband space to earth communication as well as innovation in antenna, rocket and spacecraft systems. The options are endless.

What you need to do now….

Swinburne University of Technology has developed two highly relevant and unique short courses:
• Space Applications in the Australian Context
• Space Regulatory Framework.

Course delivery and set up:

Course duration: 6 weeks
Delivery: Blended – online + on-campus one-day intensive workshop

Space applications in the Australian context

The Australian space industry is projected to employ around 30,000 people. (Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability (March 2018), Report from the Expert reference Group)

Space Applications in the Australian Context synthesises critical elements of the global space industry ecosystem, including the role of Australia.

Our experts will guide you through the policy, governance and Australian space industry, and current and potential applications and capabilities, providing a roadmap to this exciting landscape.

You will explore the fundamentals of operating in a space environment, including the physics of space, the solar system and the foundations of rocket science.

Engage with industry leaders as you apply and demonstrate your knowledge and receive feedback through events tailored to your professional context and interests.

A blue satellite stationed above a blue coloured Earth.

Course details

This course will give you an overview of:

  • the space environment including key terms and definitions to operate effectively within space industries.
  • international space agencies, space management operations, space exploration and budgets
  • the size of the global space industries, and Australia’s portion of it
  • the Australian Space Agency, current research and capabilities
  • legislative and regulatory frameworks and institutions that govern space industries, both domestically and internationally
  • opportunities in the space industries, the roadmap – government roadmap, and the opportunities that stem, roadmap, and applications provide
  • industry engagement and investment in space
  • business opportunities, now and in the future

Who is the course for?

Non-space industry professionals who either have an interest in, are keen to start up a new business venture in or plan a career change from a related industry to the space industry.
Cost: $2,950