Broadmeadows (Melbourne)-based Integra Systems has formed a new division, Integra TransForm, focused on products that enhance the safety and efficiency of employee workstations.

Since 1991, Integra Systems has worked with hundreds of Australian businesses and helped them deliver award winning results that enhance their prosperity in both local and global markets. With innovation as the cornerstone of its culture, Integra has enabled and empowered clients in key areas of industrial design, product design engineering and mechanical engineering, via highly efficient in-house advanced manufacturing systems and project management expertise.

Integra TransForm focuses mainly on innovative ways of enhancing business performance. The division was created this year with the acquisition of Integra’s revolutionary Salvagnini L5 fibre-optic laser cutter. The fibre optic laser technology has empowered Integra to manufacture its own new products and bring them to the market. It has also provided Integra with the ability to experiment, co-create and involve their customers in the entire process, from design through to manufacture.

Integra TransForm’s most recent releases are the WorkSmart Collection and the Pro-Click Collection. The WorkSmart collection comprises of sit-stand ergonomic solutions, the BioSmart and the AeroSmart, aimed at relieving desk-bound professionals and industrial workers from health issues associated with sedentary behaviour. The Pro-Click collection designed for safe and efficient tool and product display in industrial environments. Both product ranges are integrated solutions that not only transform workstations into futuristic and modern environments but also help their users to operate in a safe and environment-friendly manner.

The AeroSmart boosts workplace performance with beautiful electronic workstations that deliver health and productivity improvement results. The strong and sturdy desk uses world-class electronic technology and well researched user-centric design to create a high-quality workstation. It can be easily customised according to the user’s specific requirements.

The BioSmart is an investment in your furniture as an asset, converting it into an elegant standing desk. With minimum desk-space footprint, the BioSmart is an electronic standing desk converter that is elegantly designed, has a smooth, quiet height adjustment operation and a strong and sturdy computer platform, that focuses on the ergonomic benefits of sit-stand desk variations. It can be adapted to accommodate up to three monitors, including a laptop facility, and provides additional space for paperwork and telecommunications. With the simple touch of a button, it lowers and raises the user’s monitor, keyboard and mouse to a perfect position.

The Pro-Click Tool system enhances job efficiency by encouraging its users to neatly organise and display tools and products and rewards them with immediate access. It provides great flexibility while also enabling standardisation across multiple workstations. The main aim is to clear away benchtop clutters in order to create a safer workplace.

The WorkSmart collection is generally suitable for desk-bound professionals in an office environment, though they would also be compatible with monitor-mounted industrial applications such as off-line software-driven machinery, ERP systems and machinery programming in industrial workshops. The AeroSmart can also be combined with the Pro-Click Collection to act as a 6s safety operating system for sorting, storing and selecting workshop tooling.

Integra TransForm’s team of engineers and manufacturers combine their passion and expertise in product and industrial design engineering to develop and inject innovative technology into existing prototypes of the WorkSmart and ProClick collection. This leads to a culture focused on constant development of new products based primarily on user experience and feedback.