Based in Blacktown, NSW, Anglade Toolmaking & General Engineering has firmly established a name for precision in meeting challenging designs and in the manufacture of a variety of special-purpose machines and tools for industry.

Founded in 1978 by Michael Byrnes – still the company’s owner and chairman – Anglade completes all work in-house, including design, drafting, manufacture, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics and PLC programming, with capabilities in CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and precision grinding. Using the latest high-end machines, this 40 year-old, second-generation family company designs and manufactures specialist injection, blow, vacuum, thermos vacuum and polystyrene moulds, along with press tools, special-purpose machines, jigs, fixtures and gauges for a broad range of clients quickly and efficiently.

Michael and his son David Byrnes – now the company’s general manager – have built up an impressive range of machines and equipment, such as the Okuma MB66VA S15 OSP-P200M vertical machining centre and Fanuc Robocut Alpha 1iD 310isWA, to meet the ever-changing demands for precision components. This has won them work on some impressive projects, including providing parts for two ambitious CSIRO radio telescopes.

Anglade was commissioned to manufacture ortho-mode transducers (OMTs) and other specialised components for the multi-beam (19-beam) receiver for the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) radio telescope. This telescope dish – now set in the mountains of Guizhou, China – is the largest telescope in the world with a massive 0.5km diameter.

David Byrnes explains: “Using our Okuma fully integrated Kitagawa fourth axis and a trunnion table (designed and manufactured internally, offering 4+1 machining ability) and with the assistance of our NX11 CAM system, we manufactured the main OMT components with speed and incredible precision on this large CSIRO project which has contributed to the receiver’s impressive performance.

“We have also been involved in the phased array receivers for the 36 telescopes installed in the Western Australian desert for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). For this outstanding work the company received acknowledgement from CSIRO with the citation ‘Invaluable contribution to the construction of the ASKAP Radio Telescope.”

Today the company boasts a team of 10 experienced staff, including mechanical and electrical engineers, toolmakers and fitters, who can confidently undertake any project presented to them by an expanding client base. Anglade also has a strong focus on ongoing training and apprenticeship training to safeguard the industry.

Michael Byrnes notes that the consistent precision accuracy of Okuma’s machines and their ease of programming has been an important factor for his company’s success. With exceptional service, training and back-up, Byrnes believes Okuma has been the best supplier to his company. Anglade services customers in NSW as well as developing export sales of specialised equipment. The company also undertakes machine maintenance and project management projects to meet customers’ requirements.