Precitec has launched CoaxCladder, a new, state-of-the-art multi-axis laser-cladding head distributed in Australia by Industrial Laser.

The coaxial welding cladding head allows complete X/Y/Z-direction independent cladding with filler wire. Based on a unique internal optical design, it splits in half, then rejoins the beam at the cladding position and is combined with the coaxial feeding of the additional filler wire material. The wire is then fused from all directions at the local melt pool to the base substrate.

In comparison to laser cladding with powder, a very high material efficiency is possible, since the additional material is introduced and processed at 100%. The process is also cleaner, highly stable and simple to integrate and adjust.

The homogenous energy distribution in the fully circular focus enables a large process window, which results in a stable process, even if the working distance fluctuates a little. This proves advantageous particularly for the construction of free-formed 2.5D structures.

The Precitec CoaxCladder allows application across a wide range of fields, such as the repair of high-value components, adding specialised wear-resistance coatings, or the building of high-volume structures. The efficient process allows very high processing speeds, up to 5m per minute or more. The ability to put down material with small radiuses also allows for more complex 3D structures.

To protect the CoaxCladder against splatters and dust, the head is integrated with a Crossjet gas shield and a serviceable protective glass. The head can be retrofitted to most fibre lasers up to 5kW using passive fibres up to 600 micrometres. The filler wire diameter can range from 1.0 to 1.6 millimetres in diameter.

Due to the versatility of the coaxial head design, Precitec has also released a Coax Brazing head, making very high-quality brazed seams also possible. Combined with Precitec’s extensive range of add-on enhancements such as seam tracking, this is another example of a laser solution looking for an application.