Maintaining its position as one of the best luxury vehicle repairers in Australia has meant a long-term commitment at Charlie Battisti & Co. to continuously investing in the latest and most efficient technology.

Kaeser Compressors has been on hand for over two decades now, ensuring their team of highly trained refinishing, repair and painting experts have access to a reliable and efficient supply of quality compressed air on demand.

When it comes to repairing prestige vehicles, Charlie Battisti & Co. has over 30 years of experience under its belt. Melbourne’s finest smash repairers, Charlie Battisti is one of only a handful of body shops Australia-wide, that is a Porsche Certified Collision Centre, an Accredited BMW Body Shop and Mercedes Benz dealer recommended.

Accident repairs, detailing and windscreen replacement are just a few of the services Charlie Battisti offers to its customers. However, regardless of the job at hand the focus is always the same – to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with all repairs undertaken and to maintain the vehicle’s original build quality, strength and integrity.

To meet these goals Charlie Battisti invested some years ago in a state-of-the-art and purpose-built vehicle repair facility. Built with vehicle manufacturers’ specifications in mind, this modern facility in Nunawading houses all the latest approved repair, chassis alignment and measuring systems to ensure that all repairs meet the most exacting industry standards. To maintain its position as one of the best luxury vehicle repairers in Australia, the company continuously invests in the latest technology – not least the compressed air system.

Compressed air is an essential utility at the facility that is used extensively. From powering the air tools – such as the sanders and polishers – to providing air to the dedicated paint refinish facility, the highly trained refinishing, repair and painting experts at Charlie Battisti require a dependable supply of high-quality compressed air.

To meet these requirements back when Charlie Battisti first moved into the new facility, they opted for a Kaeser AS 31 series rotary screw compressor. Renowned for quality, reliability and efficiency, Kaeser was the ideal choice. After 15 years of reliable service, it was time to once again upgrade the compressed air system and invest in the latest and most efficient compressed air technology available. To reliably and efficiently meet the compressed air requirements of the facility, Kaeser recommended and subsequently installed an ASK 28 rotary screw compressor complete with air treatment.

True class leaders when it comes to performance, the ASK series of rotary screw compressors deliver more compressed air for less energy. At the heart of every ASK system lies a premium quality screw compressor block featuring the energy-saving Sigma Profile rotors. Kaeser airends are equipped with flow-optimised rotors, which contribute significantly to the overall system’s class-leading specific package input power. Efficiency is further enhanced with the inclusion of a Premium Efficiency IE3 drive motor, which complies with and exceeds prevailing Australian GEMS regulations for three-phase electric motors. Furthermore, the internal Sigma Control 2 controller always ensures efficient compressor control and monitoring.

The ASK series also combine ease of use and maintenance-friendliness with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design. In addition, the soundproofed housing keeps operational noise to a minimum. Normal conversation can take place right next to the compressor, making the ASK series ideal at point of use.

Seven years on and the ASK 28 continues to reliably and efficiently meet Charlie Battisti’s compressed air requirements, with the AS 31 remaining onsite as the back-up, when for example the ASK 28 is being serviced.

“As a prestige vehicle repairer it’s always been important for us to invest in high-quality equipment and Kaeser certainly ticks that box,” said Shane Perry, Paint Shop Manager of Charlie Battisti says. “We’ve been more than happy with the performance of the Kaeser compressors over the years. Moreover, the after-sales and service support we’ve received from Kaeser over two decades now has been great.”

The standard ASK series of rotary screw compressors from Kaeser Compressors are available with drive powers of 15 to 22 kW and produce flow rates from 1.93 to 4.45 m3/min, pressure 6 to 13 bar.