The LC Magna 3D printer from Photocentric delivers an impressive combination of large build volume and accurate printing, making it the right tool for custom mass manufacture.

The build volume of the LC Magna is 510mm by 280mm by 350mm, making it the largest build volume LCD screen-based 3D printer currently available. LC Magna has a 60cm 4K Ultra HD screen, offering unbeatable precision and detail when creating high-resolution, mass-manufactured parts. The screen has been matched with a custom-built backlight. These two elements work together to ensure extremely high print accuracy, delivering amazing detail. Product designers, engineers and manufacturers alike can now benefit from LC Magna’s large build volume capabilities and maximise build plate capacity to increase throughput, speed up assembly production and reduce lead times.

“LCD screen-based 3D printers have been the fastest growing area in 3D resin printing,” says Sally Tipping, Sales Director at Photocentric. “This machine sets new standards, making it best in class in almost every respect – it really is a disruptive industry-changing machine.”

The hardware and electronics of LC Magna have been designed by Photocentric with high-precision reliability in mind to ensure consistent robust performance. The patented peel release mechanism ensures low force, which creates reliable prints, small support tips and very fast printing. LC Magna also comes with a large 18cm interactive graphical user interface (GUI) to aid user control, which also facilitates the printer hardware to be used to its full potential.

Delivering consistent accuracy across a massive build plate with 100% of models’ tolerance at less than 100μm and an average accuracy of within 50μm, LC Magna can be used for batch producing small parts such as 3D printer components, orthodontic aligners, detailed game figurines, or for scaling up to large prototype parts such as automotive suspensions or bike stands. The advanced technology of LC Magna accommodates the evolving need of 3D printing in businesses looking to turn their digital images into physical parts more and more rapidly.

Building on the company’s core expertise in the innovation of photopolymer manufacture, Photocentric’s in-house team of chemists have formulated a range of high-performance Daylight photopolymer resins covering all essential applications.

Photocentric enjoys a partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions, which focuses on establishing and expanding the 3D printing business with materials, system solutions, components, and services. The two companies are working together to provide solutions for specific applications to enable custom mass manufacture of functional parts in scale and at cost-effective prices. This co-operation offers solutions to industries that enable processes to be made using additive manufacturing to replace traditional tooling methods and creating flexibility of geometry, absence of tooling costs and custom design.

Bilby 3D recently became the Australian distributor for Photocentric.