Manufacturers are increasingly replacing traditional mechanical machining and thermal welding systems with laser processing tools. Check out the CIVAN system on the RayMax stand at AMW.

Compared to traditional thermal welding processes, laser-based techniques require less heat input due to the beams’ high energy.

All welding methods involve melt-pool formation and subsequent rapid solidification, which can alter the properties of the welded metal. The high energy of laser welding, however, not only melts the material but also evaporates it, creating a vapour capillary in the material called a ‘keyhole’. This gives laser welding the advantage of a very high aspect ratio, defined as a high ratio of penetration depth to weld seam width. Compared to thermal welding methods, which generally provide wider and shallower weld seams, laser welding’s high aspect ratio translates into potentially lower part distortion.

To meet the demands of modern manufacturing CIVAN has developed a High Power Single Mode Laser with dynamic beam. This innovative product enables different beam shapes, beam steering, and fast movement of the focal point, all electro-optically controlled with no mechanical movement. For example, CIVAN’s unique beam shaping allows uniform penetration in aluminium welding with constant depth and very low porosity. Inbuilt software allows beam shaping design in minutes, while beam steering with a small dynamic spot makes for clean fast cutting, efficient welding of a large gap or welding dissimilar materials. In this highly sophisticated laser system Coherent Beam Combining, of CBC, provides advantages for welding applications making available a whole new set of parameters for laser welding to meet the needs of to-days welder.

The new Dynamic Beam Laser provides countless new applications for materials processing, an opportunity taken up by Valeo one of the world’s largest car battery suppliers. This European company designs innovative solutions for vehicles with a particular focus on reducing CO2 emissions and turned to CIVAN for a laser system to improve production.

Due to the growing demand for an increase in the travel range of electronic vehicles, Valeo wanted to improve their battery cooler manufacturing process in order to make larger battery coolers. Valeo had been using a brazing method to join parts and were looking for a system which was more environmentally friendly system, more cost effective, with reliable strong welds and, importantly, produce no leakage of the large sealed cooling plates. Using the new Dynamic Beam Laser their processes were tested in CIVAN’s application lab. With its unique ability to control beam shape and frequency, Valeo was able to test different beam shapes and frequencies to define the optimal process for a high quality leakproof weld. The capabilities in the OPA High Power Single Mode Lasers with dynamic beam are speeding up the advance of e-mobility and other clean technologies. By answering the latest market challenges, CIVAN’s technology opens new horizons for better material joining control, new applications and welding new materials previously not possible.

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