March 10, 2020 – March 13, 2020 all-day
Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

10 -13 March 2020
Germany, Dusseldorf
International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies.
The event has become an indispensable part of the technological trends that have affected virtually all aspects of production technology. Co-located with:
Additive Manufacturing Area
The Additive Manufacturing Area sees itself as an extension to traditional metalworking. Presented is the whole bandwidth of additive manufacturing methods, materials, and services employed in 3D printing. An overview of the exhibition illustrates the intermeshing with other production steps in metalworking, especially CAD, simulation, reworking, production instrumentation, and quality assurance.
Medical Area
Backed by its high requirements and huge innovative potential, medical engineering is the motive force behind technological progress in production engineering. Just one good reason that it takes top positions in worldwide patent applications. Moreover, medical engineering represents a segment with outstanding long-term market prospects. The demand is fuelled by demographic trends in the world population, above all the increasing average age in the industrial nations and the growing living standards in a great many emerging countries.
Moulding Area
Tool, mould, and model building is an established field of metalworking applications and is deemed one of the most fastidious in the metalworking sector. Moulding innovations are powered by the highest precision and quality requirements, and the conventional methods are being joined by an ever-growing number of process technologies, including laser-assisted production for fine textures on designed surfaces. The ideal supplement to the core exhibition, this Area is dedicated to the future and present challenges in moulding and their solutions in the form of innovative production technology.