Ferag AG and dereOida join forces to revolutionise intralogistics solutions

Ferag AG, a renowned family-owned Swiss company with over 65 years of experience as a global market leader in material flow systems, and dereOida, an Australian pioneer based in Sydney, producing warehouse automation software with their revolutionary doWarehouse system, are uniting their strengths to offer an unparalleled intralogistics solution to businesses across various industries.

dereOida’s flagship product, doWarehouse, presents a holistic single view across the warehouse. With the freedom to select any automated system, customers can seamlessly integrate their chosen hardware into doWarehouse, all while benefiting from dereOida’s outstanding support services. The doWarehouse system enables the user to streamline processes, enhance productivity, reduce costs and allows for continuous improvement through insightful analytics. Notably, it provides a single source of truth, revolutionises sortation management, replaces cumbersome spreadsheets, and optimises warehouse space utilisation.

Ferag AG’s legacy as a family-owned Swiss company specialising in intralogistics solutions and the development, design and distribution of material flow systems is built upon innovation, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With a global presence across 18 countries and a team of more than 600 dedicated professionals, Ferag has consistently delivered cutting-edge sorting, conveying, buffering and order fulfillment solutions to a diverse range of industries.

The merger of these two industry innovators presents a transformative offering for businesses seeking to optimise their warehouse operations. By combining dereOida’s state-of-the-art software solutions with Ferag’s unparalleled expertise in material flow systems and design, customers can expect an end-to-end solution that addresses every aspect of intralogistics with unprecedented quality, reliability, and support.

dereOida is a trailblazer in warehouse automation software. Their doWarehouse system offers a comprehensive view of all warehouse operations, allowing customers to integrate various hardware options while benefiting from unparalleled support services. dereOida’s commitment to innovation and efficiency has transformed how businesses approach warehouse management.

dereOida has solidified its position as a game-changer in the industry with successful implementations at two of Australia’s leading retail giants, Myer and The Iconic.

“The combined expertise and resources of Ferag and dereOida will allow us to explore new horizons and drive innovation in every aspect,” Karl Friesenbichler, CEO dereOida said. “We are confident that this merger will lead to remarkable results and increase the value we provide to our customers, partners and stakeholders.”