Kemppi welds stoves for Ukraine in cooperation with companies in the Lahti region

On 4 January 2023, Kemppi organised a stove welding day, where companies from Lahti region in Finland were invited to weld together stoves for the civilians in Ukraine. By organising this welding day, Kemppi responds to the challenge of LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology) to help Ukrainians get through their days. Stoves can be used to heat apartments and cook food. The purpose is to help Ukrainians suffering from energy shortages and the lack of piped gas or other fuels. Many Ukrainians have no electricity or heat distribution after the Russian bombings.

“In the end, more than 500 stoves were shipped,” said Emma Naukkarinen of Kemppi Oy. “So our stove welding day was a great success, and the welders were eager to help the Ukrainians. Our shipment left for Ukraine last week, and we packed also axes and lighters with the stoves because we heard there was a need for those as well. The stoves will be handed over to the Institute of Welding in Kiev and they will take care of the distribution there.”

Companies VS-Welding Oy, Speweld Service Oy, Halton Marine Oy, Peikko Finland Oy and Kouvola Vocational Institute Ltd., Eduko responded to Kemppi’s invitation to participate in the welding day. More than thirty companies from all over Finland have already participated in LUT University’s challenge.

“The situation in Ukraine is very challenging because of the destruction caused by the Russian attacks. Electricity and heating disruptions are significant. By making stoves, we can make people’s lives a bit easier in the midst of war. This is a unique project, and we are honored to be part of,” says Aarno Laine, Director, Domestic Sales, Kemppi Oy.

LUT University’s mechanical engineering laboratories are now harnessed to manufacture stoves for Ukrainians suffering from power outages. The stove project and Rector Juha-Matti Saksa’s appeal on social media last weekend inspired a great many to help and attracted new partners in cooperation. Due to the extensive interest, LUT now has the resources to build 105 stoves instead of the original 20–40. The number of stoves symbolises the number of years Finland has been independent.

“The stove project has gotten out of hand, but in a good way. Masses of people have reached out to us, wanting to help the Ukrainians,” Saksa relates.

Stoves are being made as part of the University course exercises. Kemppi, which organised the welding day, also participated in the project by sending a welder to Lappeenranta in Finland for two days. Being in nearby northern Europe, Kemppi in Finland is in the right spot to assist in any way they can.