MathWorks joins Universal Robots ecosystem to offer robotics engineers AI and autonomy capabilities in cobot programming

MathWorks, the leading developer of mathematical computing software, joins the UR+ program, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive ecosystem of products certified to integrate seamlessly with cobots from Universal Robots (UR). MathWorks received the UR+ certification for MATLAB, a programming and numeric computing platform that provides software tools and algorithms for designing, simulating, testing and deploying robotics applications, including those for Universal Robots’ cobots.

Robotics engineers use MATLAB for specialised or sophisticated cobot applications that are difficult to program using the UR teach pendant or graphical-based programming tools, including applications that incorporate machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, optimisation, sensor fusion, and advanced signal processing. MATLAB provides AI capabilities for cobots to move more efficiently and productively by perceiving dynamically changing workspaces and sophisticated robot algorithms. Engineers can verify their UR cobot applications by connecting MATLAB to URSim, simulation software for robot programs, or UR hardware. MATLAB support for Universal Robots is compatible with the entire e- and CB- series of Universal Robots.

“We are delighted to welcome MathWorks to our UR+ solutions ecosystem and look forward to seeing this partnership help simplify the more complex cobot deployment for robotics engineers,” said Christopher Savoia, Universal Robots UR+ ecosystem manager.

Offline cobot programming and simulation within MATLAB enables users to minimise downtime when programming using robots on-site. Robotics engineers can also deploy robotic algorithms and AI models by generating C++ codes directly on embedded targets, such as GPU boards, using MATLAB Coder™ and Simulink Coder™ for standalone, accelerated execution with UR hardware.

“With Universal Robots’ market leadership and MATLAB and Simulink’s ability to accelerate the pace of innovation, integrators and end users will now have the ability to solve more complex automation workflows,” said Dominic Viens, Director, Design Automation Marketing at MathWorks. “The UR hardware support package reduces the time to market for advanced cobot applications that require the integration of multiple complex technologies. This enables the small- and medium-sized manufacturers to adopt deep technology stacks at a fraction of the cost of hiring external consultants.”