Multicam Systems has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of flatbed CNC routing machinery. Come see them at AMW.

Multicam CNC routers have been used in various engineering industries since inception. We are excited to be able to demonstrate how Multicam CNC routers can be a solution for Engineering companies in the plastics, metal and composite products industries at this years’ event.

Multicam Heavy Duty CNC Routing machines are proudly made in Australia. Designed for profile cutting sheet product and extrusions including metals, plastics, composite materials, and timber products, they are used in the manufacture of Aluminium boats, Aerospace components, Truck body parts, Caravan & Motor Home components, Kitchens, Furniture or any other flat sheet product.

They are used extensively in the ACM and HVAC industries and include many unique design features aimed specifically at making the processing of ACM cladding and ducting and insulation materials easier and more efficient.

Other specialist features ensure that Multicam machines are an excellent alternative to Plasma and Laser machines that typically have higher running costs and greater servicing demands.

Multicam CNC routers are available in a range of sizes with process areas starting from 2400mm x 1200mm with larger and custom sizes available. Multicam machines can be supplied with a variety of accessories including vacuum hold down beds, fully automatic tool changers, automatic loading and unloading attachments, mist cooling/lubrication system, chip extraction, multiple drill heads, tangential-oscillating knife attachments and more.

Multicam Systems has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of flatbed CNC routing machinery and has been providing CNC routing solutions through our offices in Newcastle, Melbourne and Brisbane. Multicam CNC routing machines are backed up by a highly skilled team of factory trained technicians ensuring the best possible level of advice and service.

The ability to link with software programs such as Fusion360, Mastercam, SoldiCAM, Surfcam, Rhino, Pytha, ARTCam, Enroute and numerous other products makes Multicam CNC routers an obvious addition to any engineering company.


Multicam CNC Routing Machinery

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